Insight Marketing PR

- Maximizing effects through strategic marketing with PR as the trigger -

Marketing PR solutions that incorporate PDCA into the editing and publishing of information

Recommended for the following cases
  • You want to continuously increase your corporate or product value
  • You want to segment your customers and turn potential customers into prospective customers
  • You want to ascertain the needs of potential customers and deliver information to them that will grab their attention

Research & Analysis
We perform complex research and analysis in the environments surrounding our customers, and perform competition research, media hearings, customized inspections, and the like.

Based on the quantitative and qualitative data of our research and analysis, we formulate plans for IMP strategies, KPI, and creative/media activities.

Waves PR
This type of PR provides is the optimal way of raising awareness, through waves of information, primarily through Web media.

Public Relations
We utilize the media relations that our company has cultivated to deliver press releases and host press conferences in the most effective manner.

To realize more effective brand lifts, we propose the most optimal ads that can be delivered through multiple media channels (such as TV, newspapers, digital media, etc.).

We visualize the effects of brand lifts from PR and ads through LP that encompasses elements such as creative development and the establishment of various kinds of tags.

We utilize the data visualized through consistent communication for future strategies, to improve LTV.