Paris Miki Bifocal eyeglasses that defy the conventional wisdom of the industry
A PR case of an initial launch inside Japan

[Client] PARIS MIKI Inc.


This is a collaboration between Japan’s oldest eyeglasses brand and an Israeli biotech company. In the past, it would take at least ten days for a customer to receive bifocal eyeglasses, after placing the order.
However, this collaboration has made it possible for customers to receive their glasses on the day after their purchase.
We were responsible for promoting, implementing, and analyzing brand penetration in order to work on creating markets. We looked at how the company should convey their strengths and the value of their products.

Details about our activities

Through market analysis, we gained insight about the fact that the need for bifocal sunglasses is high amongst an increase in the number of middle-aged individuals and seniors, in the 40 years and older demographic.
From the design phase to the product launch phase, we fostered a reputation through digital articles and increased the expectation of the market. This allowed us to successfully further increase the volume of information provided during product launch through mass PR such as television, and increase both the value of the product and of the company.
To be specific, we created a fact book to function as the basis for all activities. Then, we published press releases for the design phase, published information through digital content PR, produced creative works (static images and videos) through promoting ambassadors, rolled out digital advertisements, created SP tools, and engaged in other activities.
We utilize measurements of the effectiveness of the digital content PR to formulate the next strategies.
The expectations of investors grew after the press event, which caused the share price of the company to increase greatly for the first time in about six months.