OrCam Technologies Ltd.
OrCam My Eye small AI camera
A PR case of deploying an IoT technology inside Japan

[Client] OrCam Technologies Ltd.


We performed PR activities to expand awareness throughout Japan of the OrCam My eye AI wearable device sold by OrCam Technologies Ltd., a company headquartered in Israel.
At the time, there was a low awareness about this product in Japan, in spite of the fact that it is used by people with visual impairments in 30 countries. Also, the product didn’t have the appropriate PR for reaching general consumers, due to the environmental characteristics of the Japanese market.

Details about our activities

We started with market analysis. Then, we selected the targets of the PR to be medical care facilities, such as hospitals, as well as retailers of eyeglasses.
We drafted and sent out press releases at the start of the sale of OrCam My Eye inside Japan.
Next, we conveyed information about the product after narrowing down the target media to business media, which reaches business-to-business (B2B) companies, and to IT/technology media and trade papers. Also, to increase the popularity of the product, we held tie-up events with newspaper companies and performed comprehensive promotions both online and offline.
To be specific, we held a tie-up event, “How Far Can You See with AI Vision? – OrCam My Eye 2 Hands-on Event “, with the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper company.
We conducted media promotion and secured listings in business media such as Nikkei Business, IT/technology media such as Technable and CNET Japan, and trade papers such as The Braille Mainichi. Our PR was also adopted by TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite program, which is viewed by a large number of business people.
In this matter, the continuous publication of articles online has increased the trustworthiness of the company. Mass PR through television media further increased information about this company, and publication activities targeted at B2B activities resulted in contributing to the acquisition of new clients.