IPREXは、世界100社以上のPR会社と1,600名以上のPR人材をネットワークしており、Holmes Report(国際的なPR業界情報プロバイダー)2018の発表では、ホールディングスグループ/独立系ネットワーク部門において、2018年10位(前年8位)に選出(第1位にWPP、以下 Interpublic Group、Omnicom Groupと続く)されています。

The company has news to inform, this notice is about we established Asoviva LLC the new company and the notification of the company entering the top ten in the world. We founded Asoviva LLC in March 2018 with Replay LLC and ATTARA-E Co., Ltd.

Asoviva LLC aims to represent PR agency in Asia.

First, in April of the same year, the only PR agency representing Japan was identified as a business partner by IPREX (located in PA of U.S.) of the globe communication platform.

IPREX is a network of more than 100 PR companies and more than 1,600 PR personnel networks worldwide. According to Holmes Report (international PR industry intelligence) published in 2018, holding company / network independent department in 2018 obtained tenth place (for the previous year was eighth) (first as WPP, followed by Interpublic Group , Omnicom Group).

asoviva LLC


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